3.2W5.5V Solar Panel

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This is a solar panel designed by our company for low power consumption products (battery camera, box camera, mini PTZ camera). It can also be used alone for traffic lights, car charging, etc. The product is lightningproof, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. After field testing on multiple occasions and with low power consumption products, this product has enough power to ensure that this type of product is powered off all year round and provides full monitoring 24 hours a day to ensure personal and property safety. No need for power supply, environmental protection, energy saving and wiring labor cost, all kinds of occasions (home, school, hospital, orchard, rural, fish pond, etc.) can be used, no professional skills, can achieve DIY operation, plug and play, No technical operations and settings are required. It is small in size and does not take up space. It is equipped with a special bracket and USB power cord. The bracket can adjust the angle according to the needs, so that it can absorb and use sunlight in all directions, even in cloudy or rainy days. It can be used as long as it works. When the environment has light, it can be charged.


1. Low voltage-temperature coefficient enhances high-temperature operation.

2. Exceptional low-light performance and high sensitivity to light across the entire solar spectrum maximize yearly energy delivery.

3. 25-year limited warranty on power output, 2-year Limited warranty on materials and workmanship.


1. Highest quality, high-transmission tempered glass provides enhanced stiffness and impact resistance.

2. Advanced EVA encapsulation system with triple-layer back sheet meets the most stringent safety requirements for high-voltage operation.

3. A sturdy, anodized aluminum frame allows modules to be easily roof-mounted with a variety of standard mounting systems.

4. Ultra reliable bypass diodes prevent damage through overheating due to shaded or defective calls.


1. Manufactured in an ISO9001:2000 certified plant.

2. High efficiency, high safety, high reliability.

3. Output power tolerance of +/3%.


5. 3.2W5.5V Solar Panel, output power tolerance 0f ±3%

6 . Designed for battery camera CG1 and Snap 11S

7. Together with battery camera CG1 or Snap 11S, they can be a cctv security kits. 

3.2W5.5V Solar Panel Specification
ITEM NO. 3.2W5.5V
Maximum power(Wp) 3.2W
Maximum power voltage(V) 5.5V(+3%)
Maximum power current(A) 582mA(+3%)
Open circuit voltage(V) 6.6V(+3%)
Short circuit current(A) 616mA(+3%)
Number of cells(Pcs) 11PCS
Size of module(mm) 188*167*16mm(+/-0.2mm)
Maximum system voltage(V) 600V
Temperature Range -400C~+850C
Front: 3.2mm tempered glass
Encapsulant: EVA
Back(PET): 0.2mm PET
Cell Efficiency(%) >19.6%
Output tolerance(%) +3%
Standard Test Conditions Tungsten halogen lamp illumination 38000lux
Warranty 2 years

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