Introduction to the characteristics and advantages of the temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine

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In order to suppress the spread of the virus, manual temperature measurement is used in most places, which has the disadvantages of low efficiency and high risk.

Aopvision’s second-generation temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machine uses high-precision infrared modules and top face recognition algorithms. Without the need for active cooperation of personnel, the non-contact human body temperature measurement is as fast as 0.3s, the temperature measurement accuracy reaches ±0.3°C, and the face recognition speed is 0.2s. Effectively reduce the problem of temperature congestion at the entrance and exit, and reduce cross-infection of personnel.

Aopvision’s temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine mainly solves several main pain points for users:


1. Personnel temperature detection problem

At present, the entrances and exits of many communities, enterprises and office buildings still use manual detection methods to measure the temperature of people entering and leaving. There are slow temperature measurement, high cost, high personnel risk, and the risk of cross-infection caused by congestion. Aopvision’s temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine, without manual contact, can achieve precise temperature measurement, high temperature alarm, mask reminder, etc., which greatly saves labor costs and reduces the risk of personnel cross-infection.


2. The problem of personnel access

Face recognition can effectively solve the problem of personnel entry and exit identity verification. Unfamiliar persons are not allowed to enter by swiping cards, trailing, etc. At the same time, companies can also measure face temperature and attendance to improve work efficiency and ensure employee safety.


3. Whether to wear a mask test

Aopvision’s temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine can quickly detect whether a person is wearing a mask. If you are not wearing a mask, the machine will automatically sound a voice alarm, prohibiting passage, prompting passers-by to wear a mask in time to reduce the risk of virus transmission.


4. Easily identify people wearing masks

During the epidemic, everyone wears masks and cannot use facial recognition. Aopvision’s temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machine has a better experience with top-of-the-line face recognition.


The main features of Aopvision’s second-generation temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine:

1. Optimize the accuracy and speed of mask recognition

2. Solve the problem of high point recognition for tall and short people

3. Based on the use of array infrared thermopile temperature measurement imaging, the second generation upgrade matrix tracking, full-screen recognition does not require face frames, which is faster and more accurate

4. Strengthen the applicable anti-interference ability of the outdoor environment

5. In-vivo anti-counterfeiting attacks while measuring temperature

6. The client software continues to be optimized and upgraded


Main features of the second-generation temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine:


· Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, high-precision infrared human body temperature collection while brushing the face, fast and efficient;

· Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) accuracy ±0.3 (℃);

· Automatically identify people who are not wearing masks and provide real-time warning;

· Support remote temperature measurement, high temperature real-time warning;

· Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol docking;

· Automatic registration and recording of information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information;

· Support binocular live detection;

· The unique face recognition algorithm accurately recognizes the face, and the face recognition time is less than 500ms;

· Supports personnel movement tracking exposure under strong backlight environment, and supports machine vision optical wide dynamic ≥80dB;

· Using Linux operating system, system stability is better;

· Rich interface protocols, supporting SDK and HTTP protocols under Windows/Linux and other platforms;

· 8-inch IPS HD display;

· IP34 dustproof and waterproof;

· Mean time between failures MTBF>50000 H;

· Support 22,400 face comparison libraries and 100,000 face recognition records;

· Support one Wiegand input or Wiegand output;

· Support fog penetration, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic anti-shake, and a variety of white balance modes, suitable for various scene needs;

· Support electronic voice broadcast (human body temperature characteristics are normal or super high alarm, face recognition verification results);

· Long-term stable work in 0℃ to +50℃ environment

Post time: Sep-22-2020